Australia's back in business. We will help you to get back to work

As COVID-19 restrictions are eased by state and territory governments, new job opportunities are being created.

According to SEEK, new job ads posted on their website during the fortnight ended 31 May are up 49.2%. This is a further uplift from 26.8% and 39.7% in previous two fortnights. The biggest contributors to job ad growth are Trades & Services, Healthcare & Medical, Hospitality & Tourism, Manufacturing, Transport & Logistics and Education & Training. All states are showing an increase in job ad activity.

In addition, LinkedIn data shows that some industries — from government services to food production — are hiring to meet coronavirus-related demand. The three sectors most likely to be hiring via LinkedIn right now are IT, healthcare, and finance.

Australia is back in business, and it is time to get back to work. Here's how we can help:

Career Strategy Program

A program of three (3) sessions designed exclusively for skilled professionals and international students, focused on establishing your career and your life in Australia.

It includes the development of your new resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile, algorithm friendly and fully adapted to the Australian market, followed by the industry research including analysis of the current job market in Australia, and a results-driven strategy for securing a job as soon as possible.

Better Job

The Better Job will deliver to you a top résumé and cover letter, outlining your uniqueness and your accomplishments as a professional, most importantly, always considering what is essential for companies here in Australia.