Explore our initial consultation, the Action Session, followed by our two main services: the Better Job and the Career Strategy Program. Find more details below.

Action Session

This session is designed for professionals seeking employment in their respective industries. We'll address your questions on employment along with the following key areas:

Better Job 2024

Introducing 'Better Job 2024' – our dedicated professional image development service designed to enhance your career prospects. This comprehensive service ensures the delivery of a top-notch resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile, highlighting your unique selling proposition, key skills, and professional achievements. 

Tailored for all professionals, 'Better Job 2024' includes a single 60-minute session covering key areas:

You can expect to receive your new resume and cover letter within 5 business days after your session.

Investment Details:

The total investment for the 'Better Job 2024' service is AUD399.00.

Career Strategy Program

A program consisting of three (3) sessions exclusively designed for professionals seeking a swift and strategic step towards career success.

First Session: Professional Background Analysis

Second Session: Industry Research

Third Session - Strategy

Investment Details:

The total cost of the Career Strategy program, which includes three sessions, a new resume, a cover letter, and a LinkedIn profile, is priced at AUD799.00. Alternatively, you can opt for three (3) instalments of AUD266.34 each.