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Better Job, Better Life

You deserve a job that recognises the value of your time. You deserve to be happy at work.

Portfolio of A-List Clients

We have helped many professionals to get better jobs and advance their careers in Australia. You could be next.

The antidote to unemployment for skilled professionals and international students

The international student community is strong and there is enormous potential among international students in Australia (...)

Historical Migration: The data behind your Australian dream

Australia is an immigration nation and since the first federal immigration portfolio was created in 1945, over 7.5 million people have settled in Australia (...)

Class of 2020: The VS Strategy Yearbook

This year hasn't been easy. It has challenged all of us. But resilience is a key feature of an immigrant. The next year offers us a new beginning, full of possibilities. Keep believing.

Australia's back in business. We will help you to get back to work

As COVID-19 restrictions are eased by state and territory governments, new job opportunities are being created.

The key to getting full-time employment in Australia after graduation

When thinking about your professional future in Australia, it is crucial to understand the prospects of employment.

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Vanessa's Interview: a conversation about her life as a career strategist in Australia

Our career strategist and Sávio talked about her decision to move to Australia and the idea behind VS Strategy.

Our commitment to you during COVID-19 pandemic

VS Strategy is analysing and studying the long-term disruption this pandemic will create in the economy, and the tremendous impact on international students (...)

Statistics: The Foundation of our Business

Our services were developed considering the statistics and the challenges immigrants face when moving to Australia.

Content exclusively dedicated to international students

The Possibilities Are Limitless: Expand Your Mind

More probably than not, if you are already studying in Australia you are also employed, and your current job is not related to your studies.

Your Situation In Australia And How You Can Win

Australia is home to more than half a million international students and offers several options to students pursuing an education (...)

Why Do International Students Need a Career Strategy?

Applicants lack information about the Australian labour market: especially about résumé style, job search, and techniques to improve performance at interviews.

Q&A: How hard is it for international students in Australia to find a job after graduation?

Research has shown two major factors to explain why it's such a challenge for international students to find employment in Australia (...)

Who Do You Want To Be?

Let's analyse two cases that will better illustrate the situation of many international students in Australia.

Q&A: How much can an international student earn in Australia? (Updated 2020)