Why Do International Students Need a Career Strategy?

Finding a dream job in Australia is the goal of many people, however, it is a great challenge that requires hard work and determination. In order to start planning the first steps of your journey, we first need to think about your goals and how you imagine your life in Australia in a few years from today.

The majority of international students who have the goal of working in Australia full-time after graduation will need a company to sponsor them. The most popular visa for these cases is the 482 Temporary Skill Shortage, for this reason, it’s important to highlight statistics regarding this visa.

According to the 'Student visa and Temporary Graduate visa program report 2019’, only 2.4% of Student visa holders were granted a Sponsorship visa (subclass 482).

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The numbers are extremely low for many reasons, but the main one is applicants lack information about the Australian labour market: especially about résumé style, job search, and techniques to improve performance at interviews. For this reason, international students end up applying the wrong strategies, or no strategy at all, and without success they give up the dreams that brought them to Australia.

Starting to gain experience in the Australian market at the beginning of the journey is crucial for students who have the goal of living in Australia permanently.

Our services are designed so you, an international student, can start gaining experience in your field of study as soon as possible.

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