Career Strategy Program

Career Strategy Program

A program of three (3) sessions designed exclusively for skilled professionals and international students, focused on establishing your career and your life in Australia.

1. First Session: Professional Background Analysis

  • Analysis of your current resume by job position, qualifications, key strengths and relevant certifications.

  • Assessment of your professional profile, skills and expertise in order to develop a strategy and research your industry.

In this session, we will discuss your resume (point by point) and professional background in detail. Please have with you a copy of your resume and any relevant information in regards to your professional background.

2. Second Session: Industry Research

  • Analysis of the current job market in Australia.

  • Analysis of specific skills and expertise your industry is looking for in Australia.

In this session we will present to you our personalised industry research developed exclusively to your case, considering your unique professional background, thus, you will gain a better understanding of the Australian market.

3. Third Session - Strategy

  • Result-driven strategy for securing a job as soon as possible, including:

  • Information about your industry, salary expectations, job prospects, statistics.

  • Information regarding recruitment agencies specialising in your industry.

  • Step by step description of how to proceed with the strategy of finding a job.

  • Delivery of your new resume and cover letter, algorithm friendly and fully adapted to the Australian market.

In the final session, we will present your career strategy developed based on your professional background, visa status, and professional goals in Australia. In addition, you will receive your new resume and cover letter.

The total amount of the Career Strategy program is $799.00, and it can be paid in five (5) instalments of $159.80.

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